Peter Yonenaga CEO wanted a long term, trusting and loyal relationship with Atlas instructors.

Peter wrote: You must feel confident that you are working for a fine and honest company. Somehow, we must make this mean to each of you that you will be permitted, encouraged and sometimes even harassed into growing with the company to the limit of your ability.

We believe that you should be paid the best wages in your community for the job you perform.

We believe that you should be provided with an opportunity to invest in the company so that you can prosper when it prospers.

We believe that you should be encouraged to express yourself freely and without fear of recrimination or retaliation.

We believe that you should be happy with your work so that your occupation becomes a source of satisfaction as well as a means of livelihood.

This is well known in a recent survey in which more than 10,000 students rated Atlas as the most excellent value among Japan`s most popular language school.

Our members constantly communicate that they love leaning languages at Atlas.

We continue to present great theater and outstanding values lesson in a treasure hunt atmosphere, which we are convinced makes Atlas a fun place to learn.

When it comes to instructors, companies can be accused of not paying enough or paying too much. GABA, AEON, ECC, BERLITZ, NOVA`s parsimonious approach to instructor compensation has made the Japan`s largest English school a frequent target of labor union.

In contract, Atlas often is held up as a English school that does it right, paying well and offering generous benefits. But Atlas`s kind-hearted philosophy towards its 1,000 instructors, Japanese advisors and other workers is drawing criticism from Japanese large English school and medias.

Some schools and analysts contend that the Atlas operator actually is too good to instructors, with other schools suffering as a result.

For decades, Japanese learners were on an all-out taking lesson, fueling massive growth in the school.

But now that run is over. The deepening recession is forcing the nation`s biggest schools, lilke BERLITZ and COCO-juku, to shutter up lesson rooms and halt their plans for expansion. And many others, like NOVA and GEOS, have declared bankruptcy.

This news may sound grim but it doesn`t mean Japanese have stopped spending. In fact, there is a handful of English schools that are actually growing revenues in this tough economy.

When most people think of recession-proof stocks, school business giant BenesseCo.(BERLITZ) is usually the first that comes to mind. It`s definitely a favorite of the financial media. Japanese media point out Benesse`s ability to hand investors steady gains throughout deep recessions.

In an era when many English schools are seen as greedy and sometimes corrupt, Atlas is providing that good guys can finish first and without all the corporate frills. Atlas even sends out our own faxes from our bare bones office without walls at company headquarters in Sapporo Japan.

Atlas Co. CEO: Peter Yonenaga

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