■What are the lesson rates?
Answer Sapporo
1 student: \2,500/ 60min
2 students: \3,000/ 60min
More than 3 students: \3,500/ 60min
■How do I get paid?
Answer The student pays you directly after each lesson.
■Are transportation expenses paid?
Answer Asked If the student takes lessons at their home or decides the place where he/ she takes the lesson, he/ she must pay for all of the instructor’s transportation costs (calculated from the instructor’s place to the lesson place. If he/ she takes lessons at the instructor’s place or the Atlas Language Space, the instructor must pay for his/ her own transportation costs.
■Who has to pay for food and drink if I theca in a cafe or a restaurant?
Answer the instructor and student must pay for their own food and drink.
■What about tax?
Answer Asked All residents who live in Japan are responsible to pay tax on their income. Instructors are required to keep a record of every lesson / income and fill in their own income tax documents every year. Please make sure to consult an accountant if you are not sure of the process.