■My schedule has changed. What should I do?
Answer Please let us know as soon as you can. Keeping up to date information facilitates swifter and smoother introductions.
■What happens when I can’t teach a student any more?
Answer AskedPlease let us know as soon as you can. At least 15 days notice is required if you wish to stop teaching for Atlas. Depending on the circumstances, this may be overlooked, but as it takes a few weeks on average to reallocate students, the earlier notice that can be given, the better.
■How do I get a student?
Answer 1. Possible students apply to Atlas for a trial lesson through our website.
2. We review the application forms and find out their preferences about teachers and lessons.
3. We discuss students schedule for private ESL lessons and find a teacher that best matches their needs. (It takes sometimes 1week or so)
4. We offer trial lessons based on teachers availability.
5. We confirm trial lessons with both students and teachers.

Canceling a trial lesson at the last minute gives a negative impact to possible students. It really takes really a long time and many steps to organize trial lesson opportunities.