Today is Monday and I need to get up to start my day at Atlas. To be honest most people hate this day for the reason that they always feel gloomy after weekend. However, we must continue each day to earn money and to buy our needs.

In addition, I am so lucky today because I do not have new students in my lesson but I have one new student. Likewise, I have met him during our class and he is a physician in Sapporo. Moreover, He worked as a family medicine in hospital for 5 years.

In addition, He got married a few years ago and and he is quiet talkative, extrovert and friendly to me. So, we had our orientation about TOEFL speaking and hints. During the class I let him talked about his background, family, interest and expectations in our lesson.

Well, I was impressed about his speech, he is smart even committed some problems in English speaking. Such as, grammar, fluency, coherence, comprehension and vocabulary. Since, this is his first day I encouraged him to be optimistic all the time and never give up in learning English.

Adding to that, I told him about my worked experienced and lesson rules. Though, I am not perfect English teacher but I promised to help him to get his target score, which is IBT 70 to immigrate and work in Canada. Besides, I have explained the mechanics of TOEFL speaking like :

Paraphrase the topic or make a general introduction
Organize ideas by following the sequence of the questions
Use interesting vocabulary and avoid repetition
Make complex structure
Provide positive conclusion

After discussing these several information, he felt little bit hard but he will do his best in order to achieve his dream. Therefore, we have made agreement and our class was finished.