Tuesday morning, I felt bored and jaded due to health problem and I woke up almost late today and started to prepare myself to go work. Likewise, I continued to review the small test topic in speaking during my lesson also with my company's group lesson. Moreover, we discussed about same topic but most of my student is not interested to share their idea.

However, I encouraged them to participate and at least create their own answer based from their owned experiences. Besides, I was little bit disappointed because some new students were rude and laughing during discussion.

In addition, I felt like they are not interested or willing to learn anything but they need to get TOEIC score. On the other hand, I sometimes considered their lapses during discussion. Also, today they forgot to give their ideas and some of their sentences were mixed simple and compound.

What is your name?
Student said : My name is Michitaka.

In this case, David forgot to mentioned his full name.

Where are you from?
I came from Hakodate city.

Instead of I come from Hakodate city he said I came from and his answer was too short. In fact, I told him to changed it and say something interesting about his hometown or city.

They also forgot to use some expressions even if I already gave them a lot. Furthermore, as a mentor we should not discourage our student to give up and change their mind. On the other hand, we should always motivate them to be more optimistic but the choices come from them.

Likewise, I wish they will follow me next time and hope their TOEIC score will increase. So, I would be proud if they will show little progress sometimes and I want them to realize that teaching TOEIC is not big joke.

It is a notable and rewarding job and they do not have any idea how much we get from teaching them. Moreover, I noticed that if we talk about free talking they become lively and participative but they became weak if we go back to TOEIC questions seriously.