Good morning, It is another fortunate day today and I am waiting for good news and bad news from students or friends. Also, I arrived at 11:55am and almost late again but this is not new to me since I started working in Atlas.

However, I prefer to arrive almost late because it sounds worthy for the job and my salary. Moreover, I am thinking what to do today and I have decided to make little activity for them. Then, I asked my 1 to 1 class to interview one teacher that they like and ask some personal questions related to TOEIC speaking test for a short period of time like 5 minutes.

Likewise, all they have to do is to listen carefully and check teachers fluency, pronunciation, ideas and vocabulary. So, he did and it was a bit difficult to approached one teacher because they were busy but he finally found one but this teacher is new and not yet done with her training.

But, they started the short conversation and then my student came back to me and showed his record and comments. Besides, I was amazed because he wrote down each details from the teachers answers carefully. But, the only problem he noticed was teachers facial grimace was bit serious and not humorous.

In addition, I laughed at him and told him that maybe the teacher was scared of you due to the reason that you ambushed her with a short interview. Nevertheless, he did it successfully so I am proud of him and after the activity we have practiced speaking questions and pronunciation during 1 hour and he showed more of his ideas and humor which made me felt glad.

Furthermore, I have learned that dealing with different culture is not easy job but letting them understand your job as a teacher helps them to adjust and comprehend our part.

In fact, I have been handling student, salary-man, office lady, doctor, and CEO before and now. Nevertheless, I felt excited to meet new students again in the future. So, I wish they will give me handsome students and hope that they are good in speaking and I will make too much effort in teaching them. Then, I do not want to get any headache and stress. Thus, Today I have planned to visit my best friends house and eat dinner with his family.