Everyone were excited today because it is Friday and most people like to go out with friends or family. I am also one of them and I am always looking forward with my precious weekends to see my love ones and second family in Otaru.

Moreover, Saturday is not exciting to most students in Atlas because there will be test tomorrow and they need to take the test till afternoon. However, It is compulsory to them and they have to take it to evaluate their level in TOEIC.

Besides, most foreign teachers have to come tomorrow but in my case I asked other teacher to take my part as an examiner for the reason that I need more rest during my weekend than going to Atlas.

Also, today I have experienced humiliation because of some students outside, they thought I am one of the staff in the office. So, they called my name and asked some information about books and prices, but I was appalled because they never checked my school identification card and just directly talked to me.

Then after we have finished talking I silently whisper, I am so sorry I am one of the teacher in this language school and I am not one of the staff, they were ashamed but it was okay because sometimes we could not avoid situations like that.

Furthermore, I have introduced good vocabularies to my students especially adjectives and nouns that they can use to avoid repetition of words. In fact, all of my lessons were okay so far and no complaints or hesitations regarding topics and teaching methods.

Adding to this, I shared useful information about speaking TOEIC. Particularly about sharing their experiences when it comes to part 2 and sometimes part 3 for the reason that they can be more creative when they will use their personal experiences.

I do believe examiners will appreciate it if they will follow my advised. Another one is that they need to guess some situations like past, present and future because some questions are quiet abstract or confusing and they will have hard time answering several questions.