Today is Monday and I was almost late due to over sleeping then I quickly walked for 5 minutes from my boarding house to school. Thank God I made it on time. Likewise, I started my day with a good prayer wishing everything will be in good hands, especially my students TOEIC test result.

Moreover, mostly teachers need to evaluate their students performance and skills. However, I was little bit disappointed because some of my students failed to get good score in speaking. On the other hand, I could not believe it since the topic was very easy maybe the reason behind this problem is lack of assertiveness.

Moreover, During my first lesson and Michitaka always played like kicking and hitting each other at first I did not mind it for the reason that they are still adjusting in my lesson and they are younger than me.

But, the situation became worsen because other student was affected by their behavior. So, we did reviewed last test speaking questions and it was successful. Nevertheless, I do not know if they understood the topic or maybe they pretend in front of me.

Furthermore, The hardest part of being a mentor is understanding the different types of personality of our students. Especially, dealing with various cultures. Besides, I am strong person and I believe I can deal with them.

Furthermore. I have discussed same topics with the rest of my lessons but other students are more fast learners than my first one. They showed improvements to me. Therefore, I felt so happy and calm.