Today is Tuesday and it a very hot day to me. I dislike the heat of the sun but I need to start my day with a good smile. I encouraged my student to use useful expressions in Speaking. However, they cannot pronounce it well also they have difficulty in remembering simple and unique expressions.

Like: My favorite ____ is / I am fond of ______
As far as I know / As far I remember

Actually Well, I would have to say that These are too easy but they cannot recall, I am little sad maybe they ignored my teaching and effort.

2nd lesson is 1: 1 speaking(Yukio's lesson)

He took exam last week and I was so nervous though he was not worried about it but I was so anxious since he could not remember connecting words and expressions. So, I told him to use his fingers as his connecting words and to remember at least 5 expressions.

Nevertheless, during his exam he was confident and he answered all the questions in speaking. But, he committed some lapses but according to him it did not affect his fluency and coherence. Hence, I felt so happy

3rd lesson (Arisa's lesson)

She is my female student but she was absent in our lesson because of health reason. I think Japanese female are little sensitive when it comes to foods and water including me. Also, I was so worried but I took break when she was absent. Then, I saw her I told her to take medicine and rest.

In my case too, when I feel something is not good in my body I sometimes absent and visit doctor to consult my problem. Of course, we are not machine. So, we cannot guess our physical condition everyday and I hope she will recover soon.

My Tuesday ended up so quickly but more better than my other weekdays and sometimes I felt bored during the day like I do not want to do anything and dislike to talk.

Nonetheless, I have no choice but to continue and keep going because life is like recycling. Thus, I wish to have good motivation for my next day. See you Wednesday.