TEST day because starting Thursday to Sunday it is gonna be a long holiday for everyone. I have decided not to have my simulation and test with my lesson since there are 3 students and no teachers are interested to be their examiner unless they are in special lesson.

However, we have practiced about vocabularies and organizing ideas in part 4 and part 5. But, again my student did not listened to me and they did not wrote down all of my efforts. Moreover, I told them not to blame me if their score will fall. Then, during my second lesson my student Natsumi worried about her listening and speaking skills because she has weakness with both skills.

Furthermore, I advised her to concentrate and follow her teachers. Also, they only way to improve or increase their abilities is to think positive and concentrate or need more practice to be perfect.

Likewise, we English teachers are not perfect we also committed some mistakes during discussion but student could not notice it since they also could not figure out what are the lapses committed by their teachers.

Besides, I do not mind if student recognize my flaws I can explain to them what I want to say. Moreover, all of my lessons test was successfully finished and I felt relieved because after Wednesday I can start focusing on another activities with my best friend.

However, two of my students approached me to have a marathon tutorial lessons during the holidays and we will start this Friday. In fact, I was not able to refused them because they were begging me to helped them seriously.

Therefore, I grab the offer to support them and will try to solve their inconsistencies in TOEIC. Furthermore, They offered me good price so I will start teaching them and preparing some materials to teach them.

Then my Wednesday is over and Hello holidays I felt amazed and more convenient after my lessons for the reason that we English teachers need long break so stretch and work out on some personal things we could not do during working days and it is a good chance for us to have more pleasure or leisure time.