First week holiday, I have nothing to do today but I went to bank to window my salary and I was not happy not satisfied about it. I think most teachers do not feel glad with their income since there are many deductions like tax, insurance and other payments.

However, I am just lucky among others because I am supporting myself alone. But, my basic wage is not enough to comply all of my needs such as foods and bills. As a woman we also have personal things that we considered essential to us.

For instance, cosmetics and clothes. On the other hand, our company just increase small amount of money to our salary within this year like in my case I am one of the senior teacher in TOEIC department and I have been working for more than 3 years.

Also, my rank is higher than other colleagues which has the highest rate than other positions in the company. Nevertheless, my salary increase is nothing to me compared to teachers who rank is lower than me but they have two or three group classes and pay is higher than my man to man class.

They also work during weekend as examiner and they have additional class in the evening. As a result they receive higher income. But, in my opinion, I do believe if an employee work beyond hours or overtime they should receive or get double pay due to the reason that it is additional load and it is very risky or dangerous.

However, Some companies are quiet selfish but this school management is good when it comes to the benefits of their workers. Furthermore, in my opinion, I think they need to consider or provide some pleasures or motivation to encourage their workers to keep their job and to be more optimistic all the time.

Then, they should listen to their teachers concerns about salary increase or some incentives and bonuses because without teachers or mentors the company or academy will not run. therefore, We are their backbone in business and they should care about our inquiries or problems.

In a nutshell, I am looking forward that the company will give us sick leave if teachers will get ill since this situation is inevitable. Also, I would like them to provide free lunch every day like other corporations.