The first day of the month and it is also my birthday celebration today. Moreover, It is another day today to check their score and result in exam and I am hoping that they have improve their score and skills.

As well as, their ability in English particularly speaking. My first task today is to ask their other teachers to help me correct their common mistake in speaking like pronunciation and vocabularies.

I know it is not easy to please people around especially if it is another workload for them to do it. However, as a teacher it is also our part to do that job since our student is our own client and product. I do believe that their progress will reflect as our performance because we are their mentor.

My second task is to gather my resources to give them as another materials to study. Likewise, I am hoping it is effective because convincing some students to follow or do their part is very hard for us and I love teaching.

Nevertheless, student also have to consider to make effort every day to get their target score and I wonder if they are really serious because I have seen some candidates in our academy just play around with some people like drinking alcohol. Therefore, I need to find out things that could support them effectively.