Today is a terrible Tuesday because some students got bad news from another student because they heard that someone murdered in Bangladesh terrorism .But I insisted that I have not heard any news on TV, Newspaper and from the administration maybe it is just a false information or maybe they revenged because I fooled them yesterday.

Well, it is not that funny at all because I had experienced last year, I have met Japanese traveler on the road in Thailand. However, they became victimized of robbery, it was already late and nearly 11 pm and they were heading back to the academy but they walked too slow.

Fortunately, I am so thankful because I did not followed them. So, I gave advised today not go out alone or go somewhere unfamiliar and quiet. I knew that in Japan is safe to walk around and even leave your personal belongings anywhere no one will have interest to get it. But some students forgot the orientation and reminders of their teachers.

I felt worried about this kind of situations because I do not want foreigners to create some negative prejudice about Japan and Japanese. I personally believe that danger is anywhere not only in developing countries. Moreover, today we talked about safety and measurement. Also, we discussed about this topic since it is also related to one TOEFL topic about safety and security.

Each students gave their views or opinions also they have shared some of their personal experiences abroad. I have learned that they also thought it is quiet risky to live in a foreign country not just only in my own nation.

Thus, we ended up the class peacefully without any worries. I hope that they will stay safe as soon as they finish their studies in my city.