Today I have decided not to be too much kind with my students because some of them abused my kindness yesterday and I was so disappointed to teach them. I felt liked I want to quit my job as soon as possible and they never behave well in the lesson.

Likewise, It is very awkward to get upset in front of them because it is not my character and not my interest as well. Moreover, it is a huge burden to to discipline them for the reason that they are already grown up. Besides, I am planning to talk to our TOEFL supervisor about dissolving group speaking class and I want to have one to one speaking class. To continue the issue, I have tried to control my temper and extend my patience towards them.

Furthermore, all of my man to man lesson in speaking remained good. Also, I have prepared one interesting topic related to something that you would like to succeed in doing. However, I noticed comprehension problem still exist but I gave example to them. For instance, They can talk about their present experience because now that they are students and they are learning English.

Then, they can share about their plans to get their target score. I have sketched patterns on the white board and then guide them in planning or organizing their ideas. Well it is a tough job because it is time consuming and topic is quiet serious. But, we have made it successfully. Then they finally understood the topic and created their owned answers.

Besides, I was appalled because they have great ideas on their mind but they were little coy in sharing about it. I wonder why or maybe they simply fear to commit some lapses. I think that it is not bad too share personal experiences to examiner and examiner will not spend time and money to investigate their love ones about their lives.

Hence, they have learned that nothing is impossible if they will only ask explanation from teachers about difficult subjects.