It is Fly day today but we have an activity at school because Today is the foundation of our school and we are celebrating it with amazing race. Besides, I was assigned to watch the golf activity together with teacher Seiko and Kevin. However, we have whole lessons during the day and we must continue our job in the school.

So, it is not funny at all because we have to work for more than 8 hours. Likewise, during the day with all my speaking lessons we did simulation test. I have also encouraged my student to do their best for tomorrows in the mock test and yes they made a promised.

Moreover, after all the simulation test the night began and it was our group who is in-charge of the said activity. We had no choice at all and we did our best even if the academy did not provide us some foods and I felt that we were very famished at that time and tired. Then, we started the competition and many students and teachers participated the game.

Furthermore, It was very exciting and alluring to see them running and shouting, I was on the last floor of the building and we have prepared all the golf equipments, then the instruction was that they need to hit that golf ball to the black target 3 times in a row, if they fail they will try to hit and hit it again.

In addition, There were around more than 500 golf balls to pick up not only for one team but for seven teams. Then, they came into our position and started hitting the balls. Then, I remembered I was helping and cheering them to win the game.

Also, I was there with other teachers but after the game was over we picked up each balls and we felt so tired, we sweat a lot, almost got dizzy from cleaning and arranging the tools. After then, we had a lavished dinner with our team leader and he ordered too many foods at that time.

Although, I told him why he tripled the foods, he said because we were too many at that time around 13 members. But during billing time I was shocked when I heard it was too big and when everyone knew the bill, we lose our appetite to eat the foods, we worried about paying it.

I have shared more than my contribution and it was around over 1, 000 pesos. I had no choice because the bill was too expensive. Likewise, we regretted after eating and we finally decided next time we will check the cost of the foods before ordering anything. It was a moral lesson to everyone and we were all exhausted.