It is weekend finally but my condition is not good, I felt very sick and decided to cancel all of my online classes in the evening. I started to call it WAR, due to the reason that I knew I could not do many things today including my laundry and I have to go to Chitose to see my best friend and his family. I will stay there for one night with him and I had fever and stressed. I could not eat anything.

Finally, I got ample of rest but still my condition is too bad since yesterday. Moreover, I took medicine and a lot of rest. In fact, During Saturday morning I went to my friends house and helped his mom cleaning and cooking foods and it was not much. Then, me and my best buddy slept on the couch together. He hugged me tightly and worried about my fever. But I told him I will be okay and nothing to worry.

Then we stayed there for long time and relaxed. Then, we went to market and checked some ingredients to cook for breakfast, I wanted to eat veges and fruits but he told me to heat the baby back ribs that we did not eat last Saturday.

So, I did and that was our breakfast matched with rice cakes. In deed, his mom whom I called Nana was too loving and considerate to me. They also care about me. I am so lucky to meet a good family like them, but I am still shy to talk with them but felts like I am already a part of their family and I am thankful for that.