Monday morning I woke up late because of over sleeping and went to school on time. I drop by in school office to get some speaking papers last test. Then I went to my room and cleaned some messy things.

Also, I grabbed some feedback form of my students test. I was so happy that their scores increased than last week and the result showed positive comments from examiners. Besides, these score encouraged them to be more optimistic in our class.

I know how hard a student life is but I was also liked them before, I have spent difficult time or hours burning eyebrows just to review and study hard to get good grades and finished my major.

In fact, Now I am on the edge of my success and looking forward to be more successful in the coming future like them. Moreover, the day started and I was glad to see their smiles in my classroom and I think they are deserving to earned compliments from their teachers because of their hardship.

In addition, in the coming real TOEIC test they will feel more assertive to answer random questions. Then, we reviewed the last test questions and they gave me good ideas and shared personal experiences, they also followed my style and it is a good work because they even helped their new classmate in the class.

Furthermore, I gave them another piece of advised to improve more like singing English songs, watching movies and talking with foreign friends. It is helpful and it is free because they can download songs and movies using internet.

Adding to that, the class ended well today without any disparities. However, all teachers were excited for the holiday tomorrow, they have planned to go somewhere but in my case, I just want to see my best friend and his family and stay in their house for one night. I miss them so much and I cannot wait to see them all tonight.