Today is Holiday and holy rest for me, I am at my best friends house with his family, I slept here last night and had wonderful dinner with them. Moreover, I felt so happy because I talked with them and watched TV beside him.

Then we slept together on the huge couch until morning and I had the chance to hugged him because we rarely meet because I am busy at work and he is busy with his family business. But, today I felt so happy and I have two personal tutorial lesson outside, it will start at 10 am in the morning, so I have prepared and went to my destination.

Besides, I have met my student waiting for me in Starbucks coffee shop and she smiled at me. We started our lesson and we have practiced set 3 with TOEIC part 1, 2 and 3 then I taught her some vocabulary and methods in answering question and how to be more confident during the test.

Then, she learned many things from me and she asked me to teach her reading skill. After our lesson, I waited for my two students for speaking tutorial lesson and they arrived in same place but we changed another place which is conducive for learning and suitable for speaking lesson.

We went to Mr. Donuts coffee shop in same location and started our small chit chat with coffee and original glaze donuts. Also, we jot down some examples and after two hours of teaching the lesson was finished and I have decided to buy chicken ribs in restaurant to take home back to Chitose for our dinner. So, my day was over and I have to come back home because of my work tomorrow.