Today is Wednesday and back to work again but I felt tired and happy because of yesterday was holiday. I went to school early today and started my day with a smile. Nevertheless, I have planned to review them or have another topic to practice and I selected one unique topic about a period in your life which you felt so proud.

Then, I began to shared mine and they started to talked about their opinions. Also, we talked about situations that affected them the most both positively and negatively. Moreover, I noticed some students shared about past memories that they have encountered difficult situation like running away from home because of too many troubles and problems.

As well as, sharing some accidents that terrified them and changed their mind to be more stronger than before. Besides, I have learned some recollection about their journeys from abroad that helped them to survive without their parents and friends.

Furthermore, Most of them are travelers and back packers and They have shared stories about working in the country side farm, factories and even dirty jobs. I could not imagined their situations because they never learned these things in their own country.

Although, they were professionals in their nation but they felt more happiness in another country which they called freedom nation, since they could rest after work and they get paid well. Besides, they get some benefits or incentives from work.

Furthermore, I want to be like them someday and I want to experience many things that could make me feel proud of myself even though my job is lower lesson. Thus, their stories inspired me to be more conscious and aware of my future.