Thursday is changing of lessons and students have to choose their new teachers and schedules. I am one of the student assistant in our school and part of my job is to assist students in changing schedules.

Also, I need to be their second mother in the school. I have to checked them once a week and monitor their weekly result. Moreover, I have to check their health status and complains. Well, I have some prospects that want to change their teachers due to some reasons.

In addition, I helped and listened to their reason to consider if I will allow them to change or not. Then, I proceed to all of my classes and started another part of topic in speaking. Besides, I introduced them a topic about natural place that they visited recently and most their answers were related to beach or mountain.

Also, according to them, In Japan, most citizen like mountain climbing or go to beaches in Otaru which is similar to all Japanese citizens. Furthermore, We did a small activity in the class related to the topic and I let them choose one natural place in their country which is famous and exotic.

Also, I have instructed them to show some photos and explained why they like it. Furthermore, the activity was successful and they have enjoyed it. Then, they told me that the topic was not difficult because it is very familiar and easy. So, I gave them plus points for achieving good score for today's activity.