33. My Opinion: The Near Future of Japan

After Corona Virus and New normal era, where is Japan going?

In any case, it seems that the current Abe Cabinet does not want to be dissolved no matter how tattered it is.

Now that Mr. Nakasone is dead, there will be no constitutional revision. The discussion of the Chinese state guest will end with this IR issue. So there's nothing else.

But, if the Abe cabinet is dissolved, people around him will be in trouble, so they don't want to dissolve it.

The Abe family wants Minister of Health Kato to do the next. It seems that they have a relationship with each other, but it's not easy.

Pathetic LDP Kishida listens to what Prime Minister Abe says. That's what House of Representatives Ishiba is up against. So if Ishiba takes power.

If Abe turns over and Ishiba becomes the next top, he will become second Tokyo Tribunal will be held.

Mr. Ishiba may do a great job even though I don't know if he has guts or not. That's why the elimination of warmongers in the U.S. has a big influence. I think South Korea is also in tatters.

The most important thing is the near future of Japan, where innovation has never come to fruition.

How many people do you think lived in the Heisei era, especially in the last 20 years, thinking that it was right not to do anything new?

The way to do business without doing anything new is to enter a market created by people at a low price.

When it's business to enter a market made by people at a low price, you don't do anything new, and if you do it once in a while, everyone loses money, so there's nothing.

That's why Akio Toyoda said that Toyota car group is going to do a smart city, but that plan is 3 years behind.

If he was talking about such an idle subject now, it wouldn't be Toyota. In short, we can't see the future of cars.

Flying cars are also being tested around the world. Japanese strange helicopters and things like that look very unstable.

By looking at the world, autonomous driving, electric cars, and AI are pretty cool. Someone said, Tesla and Sony work together, they could make a great car. They haven’t done anything in Japan at all.

And they don't use microbes at all. They say they will sprinkle water in Fukushima again. They're not innovating at all, so it's a mess.

It's the same as the last days of the Tokugawa shogunate, and it's the same as just before the end of the war in 1945.

They don't do anything. It's all over again. That's why Japan has to replace all leaders. I don't know if it's a replacement, but I think they run away.

They're in a panic when something happens. Even Nissan car group Carlos Ghosn ran away from Japan end of year.

I think everyone will run away. And then, since it comes to the point that nobody left. I think it will be shifted to democratic rights.

So, this revolution frenzy, I think the so-called liberal politics are not liberal by sovereign rights. I think it is liberal because of democratic rights.

Isn't democratic socialism based on democratic rights rather than socialism, such as the way of the Soviet Union and the Chinese Communist Party based on sovereign rights?

This is an unprecedented situation. This is an unprecedented world, and it is also the beginning of a true symbiotic society, and if you make a mistake, it will cause a great confusion.

It's the time to test the people's ability. Because there is no other saucer. So, well, the world is in war mode this year, so it moves in a flash when it does. I feel like it's time to be really careful and pay attention to what's going on around the world.

So, first of all, it's a horizontal network. Also, in an age like this, it is important to always think about what some policies and directions.