31. My Opinion: Latest news and current affairs in Japan and around the world by Peter Yonenaga

There is a technology called carbon dioxide storage in fossil fuels. In addition, the capacity of batteries for natural energy is advancing day by day.

It might be possible if the battery capacity improves. I don't think there is such a thing as plugging in and sending out free energy like magic all of a sudden.

Microorganisms can be used well, and heating can be devised not to require much energy. In general, energy conservation will accelerate and energy sources will be decentralized.

The problem is the part that uses a lot of electricity, such as running trains or managing electricity in big cities like Sapporo city.

For the time being, I think we need to devise ways to reduce pollution by using even fossil fuels. It is possible to think about the arrival of innovative technologies while continuing such efforts. Russia is still doing nuclear power.

They built a ship with nuclear reactors the other day. They take it to places where there is no electricity in the Arctic Ocean and pull it to generate electricity.

Since nobody knows when it will be exploded, I think it’s a little crazy idea.

After all, we will not do anything that will bring about such a catastrophe, and for the time being, I think it’s better to continue to combine various things that have already been made.

We don't necessarily use 5G. 5G is a way of wireless communication, so we can take full advantage of technology developments without 5G.

I think 5G is dangerous. During a Sapporo Snow festival in Febrary, there were test case of 5G. Because, so many Chinese turist come. After that, Mayor of Hokkkaido Naomichi Suzuki to lift state of emergency over virus frist of the Japan.

And I know that I get a headache when I put a very short waved radio on my ear. That's why I've always thought it would be better not to do much about 5G, and I have doubts.

It may be good to use it in a place where it doesn't affect the human body very much, but I think we should do it considering our health.

So far, many sensors have been scattered at low prices. But if you really want to shield, you should start from the place where people don't approach.

There are many ways to do it, so it depends on your ingenuity. I think everyone will think about that from now on. It is better to establish strict regulations.

Then the technology will deal with it. On the other hand, if the regulation is loose, the technology stops.

If you make a strict standard first, the technology will improve to meet the standard. The exhaust gas regulation was the same.

First of all, it is important to establish strict standards. That's the absolute answer. That's why I think we should do the same for electromagnetic wave damage to health.

Since it's the time of our town Sapproro and society, it may be going to progress naturally.