34. The Bursting of the Bubble Economy Around the World

If you look around the world, future is the age of democratic rights. In the age of people live as citizens, blockchains are said to exist as infrastructure to support them.

I think it's finally coming. As for the future of the bursting of the bubble, as I said earlier, stock prices are now high only because the Fed(FRB) is putting money in.

There is nothing else. If you look at the economic statistics, they're all bad things. It's the same in Japan. The economy is really bad since year of 2014.

There is a labor shortage during the recession. Many people say that they can't do business because they are short of manpower.

But in any case, cars are not sold at all. Because car sales are not well all over the world, the industry is starting to collapse.

That's why the conventional export-oriented economy, based on the assumption that it will become a global economy, is no longer viable.

The niche is good for now. Conversely, niche is better. It's not good to be on the political track and do it by volume.

It's better to focus on the niche by saying, "There's something good here." That's why medium-sized companies and smaller companies will be stronger from now on.

There are many opportunities for those companies and individuals. Because there are holes all over the place, and there are people who are in trouble all over the place.

How do you solve your problems? Now midsize or smaller companies can offer you a solution. They're small, so all you have to do is join hands on the side.

Big companies break down. They're going to break down into smaller units. Because the economy is in an age of civil rights, monopolistic and oligopolistic capital will not be able to control it.

Mid-size companies and smaller ones should work side by side and do various things together.

For example, as you all know, there are quite a few agriculture, forestry and fisheries industries that use the Internet as a partnership between the agriculture and livestock industries and SEs.

Now they're rolling it out to the blockchain, and they're doing more and more international supply chains. That's why primary industry and IT go well together.

This is not done by one company, but by various companies and organizations. This is exactly what happens when people saying "I want to do it!" get together and form a consortium. It's already started.

It means that we can't think like a corporate drone/corporate slave anymore. From now on, it's democracy of thoughts.

From now on, we will proceed with the democracy of the way of thinking by getting everyone's agreement. So, true horizontal leadership and information literacy is important.