16. My Opinion: Latest news and current affairs in Japan and around the world by Peter Yonenaga

In areas like blockchain, enthusiasts are working hard. At any time, people with strong feelings act strongly.

All of the world, office and school are closed until summer. As a decision now, the facilities will be closed until summer for the time being.

For that reason, company and school in other countries are preparing for online classes now. In short, it's the most dangerous thing to gather around, so there's plenty you can do online at home.

The blockchain is a management system, so you don't have to go to work. One of the best things about blockchain is that it can manage without someone coming to the center of the work. It's a distributed system. I think this will spread to be used.

Therefore, including China, this kind of thing will spread in the U.S. and Europe, and I think someone will start doing it in Japan soon.

We've had the experience of the Great East Japan Earthquake(311), so even if it's not a blockchain, we have a pretty horizontal network.

Therefore, as an image, I think it is the same situation as the Great East Japan Earthquake.

When that terrible earthquake and tsunami, the nuclear power plant accident happened at the same time, and the Japanese government stopped functioning.

The Japanese government didn't give us any information or any goods. Since then, various local government offices, chambers of commerce and industry, connected to the government almost stopped functioning as well.

Most of the leaders at that time on the so-called the top of pyramid were dysfunctional and unable to do anything.

On the other hand, those who supported the disaster areas were the leaders rising from below.

Actually, the afternoon plan for this month's study session was decided to be this simulation game before.

It's just a coincidence, but I think you will feel more real when you experience the game in the current situation.

Therefore, what's happening now is that the leaders will be replaced again. At the meantime, we still don't know how long this virus will last or how bad it will get.

As described in the document I handed out, it means that everything will stop once. It's starting to stop now. It stopped quite a bit.

Life, economy and politics have stopped. That's why the world is now like the Great East Japan Earthquake.

That's why the situation in the world now seems to be the nuclear power plant in Fukushima at that time. There are hot spots everywhere. It was probably the same then.

Radioactivity began to flow here and there, creating hot spots everywhere. That kind of thing is happening mainly in the world now. That's too bad.

Therefore, things will not move this year, and it is impossible to manufacture or sell in this situation.

Just like the Great East Japan Earthquake, if you want to survive, you have to change your mind. First of all, it's important not to push yourself too hard.

That's why the price of things is getting lower. Oil is going down, iron is going down, copper is going down, and everything is going down. Also, marine fares have been greatly reduced.