Q Why are the numbers 4 and 9 disliked?

A There are also unlucky numbers in the English language. Derived from the thirteen superstitions, the number 13 is abhorred. Although it is said that the dislike for the number 13 originated with the Last Supper Jesus shared with 13 people, the number 13 was considered to be unlucky from the time of Pythagoras in Greece.

It is interesting to note that the Japanese, although not Christians, dislike Friday the 13 while at the same time celebrate Christmas.

The reason for the dislike for the numbers 4 and 9 derives from its pronunciation. Four is pronounced shi which is associated with death pronounced the same way.

Nine is pronounced ku which is associated with agony or torture pronounced the same way. There are many desperately ill hospitalized patients who dislike having these numbers on their hospital room door.

There are no seats with the numbers 4 and 13 on passenger planes of the All Nippon Airways. There are also buildings in Japan with no thirteenth floor. The twelfth floor is designated as 12a and the thirteenth floor as 12b.