Q Why are there so many love hotels in Japan?

A Formerly called love hotels, these hotels are now called leisure hotels or fashion hotels or boutique hotels. People utilizing these hotels are lovers, people commiting adultery enjoying a moment of passion, husband and wife, women in the sex profession and their male customers, and the list goes on. A survey has it that 1.6 million beds are utilized a day!

The Japanese feel that it is all right to have sex if both partners love each other, and furthermore, many feel that it is perfectly natural to enjoy sex if both partners consent to it. With the exception of prostitution, they feel utilizing these hotels should be no cause for rebuke.

During the Edo period (1600- 1868), couples could arrange to meet and enjoy a date in a rented room. In the United States, a motel serves the same purpose. The exterior of many of these hotels utilized for this purpose in Japan stood out glaringly as being such hotels.

There has been a drastic change recently as many of these hotels have sprung up that look no different from other hotels in their spruceness and stylishness, giving reason to call these hotels fashion hotels instead of love hotels.

Houses in Japan are small and it is difficult to freely enjoy sex, hence the necessity to utilize these hotels that can be had for a short period of time.