Q Why are pornographic literature and alcoholic drinks sold in vending machines?

A Japan is a nation constrained with various regulations, but there is utter confusion on one hand, on a hesitancy on infringing too much on the rights of the general public on moral values such as respecting the thoughts, morals and ethics of each individual; and on the other hand, the necessity of observing strict rules required as members of society.

Although there are pros and cons on views regarding regulations such as prohibiting minors from drinking alcoholic beverages and from viewing obscenity, action should be taken to have these regulations that are laid down by modern Japanese society properly enforced.

However, items that keep within regulations such as sake that is only permitted to be sold until II P.M., or pornography that keep within a certain limit (it seems quite strange to set arbitrary rules) are permitted to be sold in vending machines. The reason given is that not selling these items would inconvenience the general public.

This is akin to hanging a juicy catTot before minors and telling them that they should have the good sense to practice self-restraint, which is by no means a way to enforce rules of society. Perhaps individual freedom and freedom of speech have become confused with business freedom.