Q Why are double teeth considered charming?

A Many people in Japan now have their teeth straightened. The Japanese also consider white, regularly positioned teeth to be attractive. However, even when dentists
increased in number, the practice of straightening teeth was not widespread. Because of the high cost, it was beyond the many of the ordinary people.

It is said that the Japanese have a high incidence of pro-jecting and double teeth. Projecting teeth refers to the upper front teeth projecting down in an overbite. Double teeth refers to a tooth growing in a position so that it overlaps along the side of another tooth like the petal of a double f lowering cherry blossom. Why it is disliked by Westerners is understandable especially when the can ine tooth emerges to the front and takes on a resemblance to Dracula.

The Japanese, however, see a natural charm in irregularly positioned teeth. The Japanese face is like a bland Noh mask devoid of expression. A glimpse of a double tooth adds charm and appea l to this bland facial expression. The same goes for moles. Westerners think of moles as a skin abnormality and have them surgically removed. Unless it is very large, the Japanese think of little moles as being cute. Moles, like double teeth, serve to accent the shall ow features of the Japanese face.