Q Why are elevator girls necessary?

A The first elevator was installed in 1890 in a twelve story building called Ryounkaku located 111 Asakusa Park. Later, elevators were installed one after another in department stores. The elevator girl s operated the controls because the elevators were not automatic. This was considered to be a glamor occupati on for women in those days. Being in an elevator guided by a young woman's sweet ice is a service enough to make any customer happy, and this service has endured to the present.

This may appear to be a useless service, but a connection can be made as to whether the excessive announcements made at train stations are useless or not. The service performed by elevator girls may not be superfluous, considering that an elderly person or a child, upon entering the elevator, might sustain injuries at the sudden closure of the elevator door.

There are many customers now who are used to automatic elevators, and there are many places where guidance is given only to customers who get on at the first floor. There are many unmanned elevators and it wi ll surely not be long before elevator girls will become a remembrance of the past.