Q Why are there so many constricting regulations in Japanese schools?

A Japanese public elementary schools are relatively liberal and uniforms are not required, but this takes a sudden turn in junior high school. The reason why strict regulations are enforced especially in junior high school is that children of this age enter puberty, an age of rebellion against parents and society. Japanese school teachers believe controlling students at this rebellious stage to be difficult if strict mles were not laid down. On the other hand, parents are too lenient and permissive with their children and look to the school to provide strict discipline when the children get out of hands.

They do not feel that these rules made by the school cover-ing every little detail from how students should act to their appearance, in any way, ignores the individuality and feelings of the students.

A great difference can be seen between the American school system of respecting independence especially at this difficult stage, and the Japanese school system of instilling awareness of individual responsibility by observing group mles.

The Japanese feel a sense of security belonging to a group and the fact that they do not resist being bound to the rules to maintain group harmony may be a reason behind why these restrictive regulations are adhered to.