Q Why do many Japanese couples go on a honeymoon with a tour group?

A This is largely due to the fact that joining a tour group is most economical. The price of having a travel agent arrange a tour just for two would come out to be 1.5 times more than what a tour would cost. This would not be a problem if the parents agree to foot the entire trip, but it would be a problem if the young couple were obligated to bear the entire cost of the trip as well as the cost of the wedding. There is no need to feel that the couple would want to be by themselves on their honeymoon. Couples of today have had ample time to be by themselves before marriage. They are far more impressed at setting foot in another land and going sightseeing in a new locality than the fact that they are on their honeymoon.

Also, the Japanese are insecure about their linguistic ability when going abroad. Men especially, worry about not being able to properly escort their partner on what is to be a trip they had been looking forward to with pleasure. They also worry about encountering the unexpected in overseas travel like the dangers they had been warned about.

They feel far safer joining a tour group and leaving matters entirely in the hands of the capable tour conductor.