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The people who decided to come to Japan or living Japan do so for different reasons and have different needs. Because of this we have adapted an individualized recruitment process. We work with applicants to provide them with the information and support to help them sculpt their experience. At ATLASR, we believe that only you know what you want, but if you let us know we can help you get there.

All applicants must be fluent in English or other foreign languages. A CELTA / TESOL / TEFL degree or prior teaching experience is especially welcomed. For applicants who would like to enhance their teaching skills, ATLASR offers extensive certification programs to help you further develop as an instructor.

ATLASR understands that English and other languages has become a bridge between cultures. It has become a necessity for many people in the international community, especially in global business, to speak English. In recognition of this, ATLASR's hiring policy evaluates potential Instructors on their ability, regardless of their country of origin.

This has helped foster a very diverse environment, with Instructors from over 30 countries represented. This commitment to multiculturalism is one that fully extends itself to management. Individuals from many regions of the world are represented among our company leaders. Our multicultural learning environment gives students, as well as Instructors, the opportunity to meet people from diverse backgrounds and enrich their learning and teaching experience.

To apply online to ATLASR, please fill in the following application form. Please include your resume and cover letter. Fields marked with an asterisk must be completed to submit the form. Specific questions that were not addressed at our web site can be sent via e-mail or phone-call directly to the Sapporo, Yokohama, Nagoya, Osaka and Online school e-AtlasR, you wish to apply to. Please do not duplicate your application by applying to more than one office.

Application Process

Step 1: Online Application

All instructors interested in teaching with ATLASR are required to fill in an on-line application, being sure to include all of the requested information. Incomplete applications will be rejected.

Step 2: Application Evaluation

The ATLASR Foreign Personnel Manager will then evaluate each application. Successful applicants will be invited to an interview with an ATLASR. We require at least 6 months teaching experience in Japan, and at least one year remaining on a valid work visa. Working Holiday, Student, SOFA, and Tourist Visas are not accepted. Incomplete applications, or those that contain spelling or grammatical errors will be rejected. ATLASR reserves the right to reject applications from non-native English instructors.

Step 3: Interview

Each instructor is required to bring a copy of their current resume, photocopies of the visa and picture pages of their passport and anything that is necessary for a demonstration lesson. The demonstration should be around 10-minute long for an adult basic-level student and include a short introduction. The ATLASR system will then be explained and successful applicants will be asked to sign a registration contract.

Step 4: Registration

The instructor's information will be input into the ATLASR database, and an introduction Email will be sent to the instructor containing a ID and password for accessing the 7ACT Instructor's Page.

Step 5: Introductions

The ATLASR Matching Staff will contact the instructor when they have a student who fits the instructor's profile. This may take a few weeks, as students are introduced as they join ATLASR. Instructors, who cooperate well with the ATLASR Staff, will generally receive more introductions.

Sapporo Area 1 Sapporo Ekimae Language Space (Interview)
Sapporo ekimae godo Bldg 9F North 4 West 3-1 Chuo-ku Sapporo, Hokkaido JAPAN
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2 Sapporo Odori Language Space
Toyokawa Minami 1jo Bldg 7F South 1 West 5 7-2 Chuo-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido JAPAN
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