ATLAS® is currently recruiting reliable, enthusiastic native English instructors who are able to teach throughout the Sapporo area.

TESOL/TEFL/CELTA training is a plus!

We require at least 1-year teaching experience in Japan and at least 1-year remaining on a work visa. (Working Holiday, Student, SOFA, and Tourist Visas are no longer accepted)

Conversational level Japanese is a plus!


Valid student ID card and certificate of school enrollment
Must currently reside in Japan
Professionalism-6 months relevant teaching experience in Japan
Stability-A current, valid WORKING visa

札幌エリア 2,000円(60分)になります。

For Candidates,

Most of our Language Spaces have more than 100 instructors working with us.

Because of the large numbers of instructors we have had, we feel that some guidance may be useful in terms of instructors’ conduct, abilities and dress code.

ATLAS® is looking for personable, enthusiastic and adaptable people, basically individuals with good social skills, For example, if you can not make small talk in a social setting, you are going to have trouble teaching others to do so.

Our best instructors are full of energy and excitement about working overseas.
They are interested in learning and processing new information.
They are natural optimists and positive about new situations.

Recently, some students have commented negatively about some Atlas instructors’ work clothes. Here is our request for all Atlas instructors’ work clothes.

Male instructor:
*business suits are preferred in the trial lesson (can be two-piece)
*clean shirts and black/brown trousers (add sports jacket or sweaters in winter time) in the normal lessons – wearing ties are preferred
*NO jeans and T-shirts

Female instructor:
*suits(standard skirt/trousers and jacket with blouses) are preferred in the trial lesson
*NO jeans and T-shirts
Women have more flexibility in that they can 'mix and match' but suits should be conservative.
We ask that women avoid revealing clothing and jeans.

On Saturdays:
We’re sure you know, as most students are on their day off, the atmosphere is a bit more relaxed.
In this light, feel free to dress a little more casually if you like.

However, you should still not wear:
*ripped jeans
*short pants
*a camisoles

We want to thank you for the good work you have done in helping us build our company. We have had to make some small changes over time because of the increasing numbers of students (eg. more booths). This dress code change is part of this trend, which we’re sure you’ll understand.

Peter Yonenaga

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