Our goal is to satisfy students by introducing enthusiastic teachers and the best lesson enveronment to help them improve their English. Please see the below to undersand ATLAS® policy.
Team And Evaluation

When a student is introduced, they expect to continue with the instructor for at least a six- month period. If you do not think you will be able to continue teaching the student for 1-year, please notify us before the trial lesson. Teachers are asked to work with the student to set mid-term and full-term goals for the student.

The teacher is asked to plan lessons so that the student can accomplish those goals. Students evaluate instructors every six months, based on lesson content and preparation, punctuality etc.

Instructor will also be evaluated based on monthly student feedback and the regularity of their monthly reports. Instructors with less than satisfactory results may be required to attend training sessions.

Speed of Learning The Atlas learning environment is planned to maximize the efficiency of the private lesson format, even down to the design of our learning booths .

Our method results in student confidence, comfort, and a high student talking time.
Student Motivation One of the key reasons for a student's failure to learn is a decrease in motivation.

She may get busy at work, she may get discouraged by failure to reach goals, or by apparent lack of success.

Because all our lessons are one-to-one, we can assess her needs and give the praise, encouragement, and advice needed to motivate her to success.