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Our owner and CEO Mr. Peter Yonenaga established Atlas Corporation USA in 1995. Since then, we have grown into a successful chain of one-to-one language schools operating throughout Hokkaido, Tohoku, Kanto, Chubu and Kansai areas in Japan.

Atlas offer in-house classes for students of all ages from very young children to retired men and women. Our instructors also travel to many companies to teach business executives the native English skills required for a global economy. We are a leader in Corporate English Training in Japan.

Most of our Language Space(LS) employ over 200 instructors. We offer a wide range of courses for students, from custom made corporate syllabi to formal TOEIC (Test of English Competency) preparation.

Our instructors are given a great deal of professional autonomy to create their own lessons, as well as solid support, benefits and guidance. (especially in the first few months)

Company Name Atlas Corporation Japan
Office(Language Space, Online room)

Sapporo Ekimae Language Space:
Sapporo Ekimae Goudoui 1jo Bldg 9F N4 W3 Chuo-ku SAPPORO, Hokkaido
Tel 011-211-0492

e-Atlas 1 on 1 online school:

Tel 011-210-9991

Sapporo Odori Language Space: Toyokawa Minami 1jo Bldg 7F S1 W5 Chuo-ku SAPPORO, Hokkaido
Tel 011-210-9990

Founded 1995(United States) 2001(Japan), 2012(S.Korea), 2012(China)
Established March, 2003(Japan)
Capital Stock 10,000,000 yen
CEO Peter H. Yonenaga

CEO and Representative of Atlas Language School and Information Analysis Thinktank in Japan and U.S. An invigorating strategist with 23 years of a significant experience as career diplomat in United State Federal Government of Foreign Affairs, particularly in charge of Korean and China affairs.

Besides being internationally acknowledged as an innovative contributor to various meetings and conferences on global affairs, supports successfully both Japanese domestic and foreign language to effectively expand their business based on human network all over the world, and by making future strategic and risk scenarios. With remarkable language skills in Japanese, English, Korean and Chinese.