Student Admission Process Student Admission Process

We do our best so that every instructor has opportunities to meet students as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, we have no control over when or where the students will want to take lessons, so there is a possibility that an instructor may be required to wait for an introduction.

The number of students that we can introduce to an instructor is dependent on a number of factors, including location, schedule, work history, specialty fields and more.

When a potential student registers for a trial lesson, ATLAS® contacts instructors who meet the criteria specified by the student. As there are often several instructors fitting the criteria, instructors should respond to messages within 24 hours.

NOTE: ATLAS® prohibits the soliciting of potential or current Atlas students by any registered instructor of ATLAS. Soliciting of a potential Atlas student will result in the termination of the instructor's contract and the loss of all ATLAS® students.


Currently, all students follow the same process of applying on the internet, through the ATLAS® homepages.

After evaluating the application and determining if the student is motivated and would benefit from our service, we start the instructor selection process.

A trial lesson is scheduled and a Atlas staff member accompanies the prospective student to the trial lesson. After the trial lesson, the staff member then explains the Atlas system and presents the contract.

After signing the contract, the first lesson with the instructor will then be confirmed.


Students applying on the Atlas homepage will also have the option of taking an accelerated route to instructor introductions. After their applications have been evaluated, a consultation will be scheduled.

An ATLAS® staff member will then explain the ATLAS® system by telephone, or in person, and paperwork will be sent directly to the student.

After the paperwork and fee transfers are completed, an instructor will then be selected. A first paid lesson with the student will be scheduled. With the accelerated route, there will not be a trial lesson.

The introductions will usually happen without a staff member introducing the student. The matching staff will try to provide an approximate English or other foreign language level when setting up first lessons.

After the first lesson, contact Atlas to report on how the lesson went.

The student apply for a trial lesson online. ATLAS® staff choose an instructor based on their requests
(Location, Schedule, Purpose of learning English etc).

We try to arrange the trial lesson that is suitable for both the student and the teacher's availability.
We will introduce the student to the instructor at the trial lesson.Trial lesson is for 30min.

We are present during the lesson to ensure that the lesson is a comfortable and relaxed experience for both the student and the instructor.
Japanese school counselor will provide counseling for the student so that the student can maximize the effects of their lessons.

The student also gives a lesson feedback to Atlas so that we can help the instructor prepare the lessons.