Lesson Place

An institution which attracts many young native speakers of English who wish to make easy money and avoid the harsh realities of adult life upon graduation from college. Some go simply to travel, some to learn a new language, culture, and customs.

For others, it’s another stop on a haphazard journey across the globe, a place to run and hide from their sordid pasts and find the answers to life’s questions, which lie just over the horizon, just beyond their fingertips.

Often located in semi-rural areas where access to English is scarce, lessons are taught in plexiglass boxes by instructors who, though usually not qualified to teach, always try their best. And though not always sane, the students do at least make for some interesting discussion.

Stranded in a place which they don’t understand, these new teachers of English often experience acute levels of culture shock, as do those within the local population who interact with them, making for many funny and awkward moments.

Excess consumption of alcohol and ramen noodles is common, as is the singing of karaoke. Sexual escapades, high-speed motorcycle rides, and dreams of hitting it big help some to cope with the experience. Many find love while working there, with varying consequences.

An exotic and awe-inspiring rite of passage, filled with highs and lows, it’s where we sometimes find ourselves when we least expect.

Peter Yonenaga CEO wanted a long term, trusting and loyal relationship with Atlas instructors.

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