■Is there a dress code?
Answer AskedWe don’t have a dress code under the Atlas system. Of course, smart casual is the most suitable.
■Do I get paid for trial lessons?
Answer Trial lessons are an investment of the instructor and our time so you don’t get paid.
■How long is the trial lesson?
Answer Trial lessons are about 25-30 minutes long.
■What should I do in the trial lesson?
Answer The student can get an idea of how lessons work and it gives a great opportunity to get to know each other. It starts with a Japanese staff who listens to the student’s needs and creates a good environment. The instructor spends this time to get an idea of the student’s level. The instructor should then teach a short sample lesson. The trial lesson is finished with further questions and general conversation.
■Will I get a student soon?
Answer Although atlas is an introduction service, we cannot guarantee introductions immediately. When we find a student that matches with you, we will contact you. We will do our best to get students for you.
■How many students can I expect?
Answer We hope that we can give you all the students you need. However, the atlas system is for providing private lessons to instructors working at other places who want to earn a supplementary income. We don’t encourage you to rely on our lessons as your sole income.
■How long is a lesson?
Answer Asked60 minutes
■What text and materials should I use?
Answer You can use any text or materials based on the students needs. You should choose a text book that is suitable for the students’ level. The “Side by Side” series is a good starting point, but instructors may prefer other texts.
■Who buys the textbooks?
Answer Students will buy a textbook for themselves, at the instructor or Atlas’ recommendation. They are only required to buy their own copy. If instructors want a copy, they need to buy one for themselves. Please be careful not to ask students to buy unnecessary or too expensive textbooks. We can lend you Side by Side textbook 1, 2, 3, 4 (version 3) for free or you can buy text books from us at cost price.
■What happens if my students need to cancel?
Answer AskedIf your students cancel the lesson more than 24 hours before the lesson, there is no penalty but if they cancel the lesson within 24 hours, they have to pay full tuition at the next lesson.
■What happens if I need to cancel?
Answer If you cancel the lesson more than 24 hours before the lesson, there is no penalty, however some students feel bad about it. If less than 24-hour notice is given, the instructor must teach the next lesson for half price.
■Where will I have to teach?
Answer you will only need to teach in the areas you specify. You can choose to teach at your place, your students’ place, the atlas Language Space, a cafe, etc. If you are not teaching from home, you only have to travel as far as you are willing. The more flexible the teachers and the more potential introductions.