Today I got tons of messages from someone who inspired me more than my students. Well, my morning is always great because someone woke me up early and gave me a flying kiss on the cam, this is very sweet is not it actually he is my best friend.

I started my day with a smile and prayer. Likewise, I am hoping that today it will not rain or not too hot cause sometimes weather or climate affects our mood.

In addition, I was almost late in the morning and I was so nervous because I never been late before and I dislike to receive warnings. Moreover, I felt hungry when I arrived in Atlas because I forgot to have my breakfast in the morning and I had no choice but to start my day with good emotion or vibes.

Besides, this time I felt more optimistic for the reason that tomorrow is Friday and it is always my lucky day to see someone special. Also, I encouraged my students to listen carefully to some of my speaking tips because they will have simulation tomorrow and exam this coming Saturday.

Then, it is not that easy to take exam especially if some topics or questions are unfamiliar to them.