I wake up early today knowing and feeling excited for something special and I knew this feeling every weekend. Especially, when you could not spell his name and you cannot forget his smile.

Moreover, I was online so early because he came online and wake me up with a very romantic love song. Besides, It is Saturday and I am so happy this man in front of me melt my heart away. Though, it is not bad to make illusion because he is very sweet but less affectionate by words and his actions speak more than words.

As usual, I always visit their house to spend time with him and his family. However, he became busy watching their small business and I knew I will also be busy partner to him. In fact, I have stayed there for one night and sleep on their couch since I am a bit afraid sleeping in his room alone.

Likewise, I have decided not to sleep in his own bedroom because of that reason. On the other hand, it was my first time to sleep without him beside me and it was little cold or sad. Moreover, I wake up early in the morning and I did some housework like cleaning and washing dishes. Also, I have prepared their breakfast.

Nevertheless, I have gone shopping during my Sunday morning and afternoon due to long time enduring my dead skin. So, I went to foot spa and had my pedicure but it took me long time to stay there and I had no choice for the reason that they have to remove and clean my nails as soon as possible.

Then my day was over and he called me back to see them. In fact, we went to another store with his mom. Hence, I slept in another house owned by his family. On the other hand, I stayed up late since I could not sleep well due to some noise and customers drinking in front of their store.

Furthermore, he wake me up in the morning with a hug and kisses telling me wake up it is morning already you need to work today and I almost forgot my weekend is over but before I wake up he slept beside me for a while and then we closed our eyes for 2 hours.

Therefore, we went home on time but today my health condition was terrible or unstable and I am not sure to go to work or will be absent.