Good Friday, I slept at my best friends house and I woke up late beside him. However, before his parents arrived we have already prepared breakfast for them and I cooked the food. But, I have to leave early and need to prepare for my marathon class and after preparing, I took taxi and went to park to meet my first student.

But, she was late when I arrived there and I waited for almost half an hour and it is counted on her pay. I grab this chance to teach student since my salary is not enough to support my needs. Besides, I am also teaching online but not students from our academy but they are recommended by my previous students who got their target score in TOEIC.

Well, I am looking forward to have my own school or online business about TOEIC, TOEFL and IELTS so I do not need to work in my current school. Furthermore, I want to manage my own company without any supervisors and I do believe it is not impossible.

During my tutorial we drunk some coffee and bought something to eat. Likewise, my student felt relieved when she finally realized things that she need to do in TOEIC speaking. After our lesson we ate lunch together and talk about our lives or future plans.

Although, I cannot imagine sometimes that some of my students became talkative if it is just free talking. Furthermore, When I listened to them they shared many of their experiences like traveling to many countries and I shared that I am little bit scared to travel another country cause I have no experience.

Moreover, I am unfamiliar about other culture and lifestyle. In addition, it is also very expensive to travel abroad and I cannot even afford to travel around my country because of no budget or Money for my future expenses and I wish our company will shoulder some expenditures to full fill their workers physiologic needs and social skill.

In fact, I do believe that we need to have good leisure and bonds with our colleagues. So, I am hoping to experience a wonderful journey sponsored by our managers.