It is a good Friday because end of week days. So, I am extremely happy today and I know my students too. Also, Some of them will go out and planned to have dinner outside with friends or batch mates.

However, I will have dinner alone it is sad but tomorrow I will have dinner with whole family. Also, today teacher can take enough rest since it is simulation day. Besides, Everyone will receive some activities and I will have all simulation test from first class to fifth class.

Then, After the test all teachers or examiners will give it is feedback or advices to their candidates. Furthermore, Today's topic is not difficult and since they got good score last mock test I bet they can get good score tomorrows mock test again. Also, today there will be an event and one of my student will graduate his name is Mitsuhide he is from Tokyo. But, I am sad to say that I cannot attend his graduation.

Moreover, he got good scores in TOEFL and TOEIC. Also, I am planning to eat rice cake today if I have chance to visit red ribbon. In addition, things went well this week and I do not have much troubles compared last week.

In fact, I set my self to be more understanding and considerate about students. So far, they got good score in TOEFL speaking test and glad their examiners appreciates their improvements and positive changes.

As a result, I will expect more this coming Monday. Adding to that, they do not have homework for this weekend because I knew their other teachers gave them too many assignment to do especially in writing and reading . Good luck and have a nice weekend and obon season to all of us.