Q Why are the Japanese so attracted to brand names?

A People coming from abroad are first of all surprised to see the young generation, especially Japanese women, having a weakness for big-name brands. And this is certainly true. It is not unusual for American university students to work to earn their own tuition and living expenses and hence, expensive top-brand articles are out of the reach of many. However, many Japanese university women students own a top-brand handbag or other top-brand goods.

At one time, brands focused on only a single item such as bags or clothes, but nowadays the focus has extended to total fashion. There are some who stick to their respective top-brand articles and are unbelievably called by nicknames such as Chaneller (Chanel), Guccier (Gucci) or Vuittoner (Vuitton). A young lady carrying a Hermes tote bag in class-conscious Europe indicates that she comes from a good family, but no one particularly shows any interest in imitating her. This infatuation with big-name brands arises from the fact that all Japanese consider themselves as belonging to the middle class that through Japan's economic development makes it possible for the young people to earn extra cash by working at part time jobs as well as the leniency parents show to their children by buying them anything they ask for, even expensive items.